Our Clients Speaking For Us
"...it has long been my intent to bring to your attention the absolutely first-class, virtually
       fault-free performance I have watched from Michael.  His commitment to our cause, his
       detailed research, and in particular his great attention to detail, was an absolute pleasure
       to watch..."

Doug Appleton, President, Gateway Collections Ltd.

"...it did not take much knowledge of courtroom proceedings to see that Mike was in
       control...[he] is a phenominal trial attorney..."

G.S. - Calgary, AB
“I was surprised, as I suppose anyone would be, to learn that I would be charged with any
offence...I have been in the automotive industry for the past twelve years and I consider
myself to be someone who operates in integrity...I made a number of calls to locate
someone who could assist me and Michael Bates was strongly recommended to me
from a different law office in Calgary as he has experience with the Fair Trade Act.

We began in April, 2006 and I was told it could take time but Mr. Bates assured me that
it was not unusual to go through a period of motions and a positive conclusion was very
possible...Mr. Bates remained confident and in July of 2006, the charges were dropped.

I think Mr. Bates has a good reputation with his opponents...His influence convinced the
Crown Prosecutor to drop the issue and I think he even convinced the party fuelling the
problem to reconsider as well...

       In the end, the fee[s] for services rendered were worth every dollar spent. Mr. Bates was
more than fair and is worth taking the time out of a busy day to generate this letter."

B.W. - Red Deer, AB

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