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Ruttan Bates
Reported Judgments*
(As of April 8, 2019)

  • Supreme Court of Canada [28]**

  • Alberta Court of Appeal [115]

  • Court of Queen's Bench [40]

  • Provincial Court of Alberta [32]

* Reported Judgments refers to important court decisions that have been indexed in the Quicklaw database or on the CanLII or the Supreme Court of Canada websites for Jennifer Ruttan, Michael Bates or Nicole Rodych.  ** Includes both Judgments and Rulings on Applications for Leave to Appeal and other Motions.
Ruttan Bates
Practice Areas

          > Supreme Court of Canada
          > Alberta Court of Appeal
          > Summary Conviction Appeals

Constitutional Challenges

Criminal Defence
          > Murder / Manslaughter
          > Drugs
          > Weapons / Firearms
          > Impaired Driving
          > Assault
          > Sexual Assault
          > Fraud / Theft
          > Property Offences
          > Threats / Harrassment

Quasi-Criminal / Regulatory
          > Fair Trading Act
          > Income Tax Evasion
          > Occupational Health & Safety
          > Environmental Protection
          > Securities Commission

          > Parole
          > Disciplinary Proceedings
          > Law Enforcement   
             Review Board
          > Judicial Review
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