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These case summaries, media reports, judgments and other material are only a small sample of the kinds of cases that we do everyday.  The privacy and confidentiality of our clients is of the greatest importance and, for obvious reasons, many clients do not want their cases promoted.  As such, the details of cases on our website are limited to those for which we have consent to publish...even if such details appear all around the internet, the media or are otherwise public knowledge.  For more information click on 'Privacy Policy' at the bottom of the page.

Getting Defensive

Centre for Constitutional Studies

Charter expert says Alberta legislation...could be unconstitutional

R. v. Cornell

R. v. Patrick

R. v. "Street Church" / Pawlowski   

Alberta v. Yousif           

R. v. Prokop  

R. v. Chan

R. v. Moore

R. v. Gateway Collections

R. v. B.W.

Shah v. Calgary Police

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